With over 15 years' experience in photovoltaic production systems, Soltis offers you quality green energy production installed by professionals. Today, we want to go further. Drawing on our experience in electrical installations, we offer you intelligent, fast and turnkey charging stations..

Integrating your production with your consumption, making you more autonomous and enabling you to control your energy costs is our primary objective. Bring your home into the future.

5 reasons to choose Soltis

  • + More than 15 years' experience
  • A Belgian SME on a human scale, with personal contact from A to Z
  • The guarantee of quality workmanship that meets current standards
  • Constantly adapting our range to take advantage of the best technologies
  • We size your energy production systems according to your consumption levels
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Our services
  • Residential photovoltaic panels
  • What is self-consumption?
    Self-consumption is the amount of electricity generated by your panels that you consume directly.  
    • If your self-consumption is 0%, that means you don't consume the electricity your panels produce at all. Everything is redistributed on the network.
    • If your self-consumption is 100%, that means you consume all the electricity your panels produce.
    The greater your self-consumption, the lower your prosumer tax in Wallonia (if you have a smart meter). In Brussels and Flanders (from 01/01/21), you'll benefit from a higher increase in the price of your kWh. Indeed, the average purchase price of a kWh is 23 centimes, while the average resale price is closer to 5 centimes. Consuming electricity rather than feeding it back into the grid means you'll earn 4 times as much! A recent article has been written on this subject for maximum understanding:   https://soltis.be/news/comprendre-economies-panneaux-solaires-belgique-2023/  
  • How can we contribute to the energy transition?
    Years of carbon-free electricity generation.
      According to the International Energy Agency(IEA), it takes between 2 and 3 years for a solar panel to generate the energy required to produce it. This figure is constantly falling, thanks to the ongoing development of panel performance. Given that the lifespan of an installation is between 25 and 30 years, that's as many years of carbon-free energy production. A real boost for the climate!   What's more, as Greenpeace details in this article, "... panels are 95-99% recyclable for most manufacturers. Whether they were built in China or Europe..."
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Your benefits

  1. 01.charge your vehicle safely
    We scrupulously comply with the most stringent standards so that you can fuel your vehicle as quickly as possible, worry-free. The standard sockets in your home are not suitable for such high wattages.
  2. 04.intelligent recharge management
    Our systems adapt in real time to the consumption of other appliances in your home, so you never exceed the capacity of your electrical system. Schedule your recharges to match your photovoltaic output or reduced night-time tariffs.
  3. 02.faster charging
    Charging stations can increase charging speed by more than 600%. No risk at all.
  4. 05.quality installation
    Made by professionals.
  5. 03.remote management of your refill
    Control your recharging directly from your smartphone.

Photovoltaic panels + Electric charging station

=> the winning combo!

By recharging your car with the electricity you produce,
you increase your self-consumption and save money.

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