As a professional customer, Soltis can help you implement sustainable, cost-effective solutions with a single goal in mind: to improve your building's energy efficiency. Installing photovoltaic panels enables you to produce your own green energy and reduce your energy dependency. This reduces your exposure to energy price fluctuations.

The profitability of your installation depends on 3 sources of income:

- Savings on your electricity bill
- Resale of surplus electricity fed back into the grid
- Resale of green certificates

Soltis positions itself as a partner who will work with you to analyze your needs and requirements and develop turnkey solutions tailored to your organization.

*Green certificate sales mechanisms may differ from region to region. Contact us for more information.

Your benefits

  1. 01.rapid return on investment
  2. on your electricity bill
  3. 02.concrete participation in the energy transition
  4. 05.longevity and reliability of your system
  5. 03.improve your image
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  • Do solar panels make sense when renting out a property?
    I plan to rent out my property. Are photovoltaic panels still interesting? In all cases, the answer is yes, despite some differences depending on your region.  
    • À Brussels
    As an owner, you benefit from the green certificate scheme for a period of 10 years. In other words, you can benefit directly from the sale of your green certificates. The electricity generated by the solar panels will be used by your tenant (on the principle of self-consumption, read our article here). Your tenant will therefore have a significant advantage in occupying your property, as he or she will see a portion of his or her electricity bill reduced.   What's more, it's important to note that adding solar panels to your property can also influence the home's energy performance certificate (EPB certificate). A higher EPB certificate reflects the property's energy efficiency and can be a selling point to attract tenants concerned about their environmental footprint and energy costs. As a result, you could potentially ask for a slightly higher rent, highlighting the economic and environmental benefits of solar panels.  
    • In Wallonia and in Flanders
    As the green certificate scheme no longer applies to new installations in these two regions, the main attraction of a photovoltaic installation lies in the fact that your tenant's electricity bill will be reduced according to the solar electricity produced. This means significant savings compared to renting a property without this advantage. In addition, there is a direct link between the photovoltaic system and the EPB certificate certificate of your home, and therefore its value.
  • Photovoltaic panels and EPB

    Like other renewable energy sources, a photovoltaic installation has a direct positive impact on your home's EPB (Energy Performance of Buildings) score.

    1. Will my house increase in value? The answer is yes. With a lifespan of +/- 25 years, photovoltaic installations generate substantial savings that you or future buyers of your property can benefit from.
    2. Another point is that the EPB certificate is becoming an increasingly important factor in the decision to buy a home. The photovoltaic installation has a direct impact on the property's EPB rating and should therefore increase its value.
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Keep control of your system at all times with your mobile monitoring application.

  • Track your production in real time
  • Get a global view of your production over the entire life of your plant
  • A production problem? Check your inverter's status information and detect if a problem exists

Your inverter is more than just an electronic component, it's the brain of your installation. It pilots your photovoltaic panels in real time to produce maximum energy at all times. Thanks to your mobile app (delivered free of charge with your system), you can keep track of your system's production at all times.


Your installation is built to last. It is both necessary and useful to control a range of parameters to guarantee optimum production at all times. By opting for this solution, you optimize the income generated and guarantee the security of your assets.

During these visits, we carry out a visual inspection of your plant. Various control points are also checked to prevent and, if necessary, correct certain anomalies. You'll receive a full, detailed report detailing the points of our intervention, so you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your installation is in perfect condition.

List of points inspected :

A. Visual inspection of the photovoltaic system and visible power lines for potential problems such as open connections, damaged cables, burnt areas or heat marks, loose cable connectors, etc.

B. Check the strength of the mounting structures and look for any damage.

C. Measure the voltage of each module string.

D. Check terminals in the decoupling cabinet for tightness.

E. Cleaning inverter ventilation filters.

F. Maintain inverters according to manufacturer's instructions.

G. Check fuses and surge protectors.

H. Check load-bearing surface.

I. Check modules for soiling.

J. Remove leaves and other garbage from the roof to avoid standing water.

10 reasons to choose Soltis

  • + More than 15 years' experience
  • Already 6,500 projects completed, as many satisfied customers
  • A unique partner in energy efficiency (Photovoltaics, Insulation, LEDs, Electrical terminals)
  • A Belgian SME on a human scale, with personal contact from A to Z
  • Tailor-made identification of your needs by our experts, free of charge and without obligation
  • Customized solutions for large companies, SMEs, the public and non-profit sectors, and farms
  • 10-year warranty on the watertightness of your roof following panel installation
  • Expertise in selecting the best technical solutions
  • Complete management of administrative procedures
  • A third-party investment system, without you having to use your own financialresources

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