Save money on your electricity bill and make a concrete contribution to the energy transition? It's possible, by installing photovoltaic panels! Our solutions are tailored to your situation, so you can immediately benefit from your roof's solar capital.


Your benefits

  1. 01.return on investment
    From the first year after your installation, you'll notice a reduction in your annual electricity bill.
  2. 06.savings on my electricity bill
    As soon as you install your solar panels, you'll notice a reduction in your electricity bill.
  3. 02.accessible investment
    Today, photovoltaics is an affordable investment for all Belgian households. The price of panels has fallen sharply over time (divided by 6 in 10 years!). Today's banks are ready to finance photovoltaic projects thanks to their long-standing proven profitability.
  4. 07.concrete participation in the energy transition
    Given that the lifespan of an installation is between 25 and 30 years, that's as many years of carbon-free energy production. A real boost for the climate.
  5. 03.longevity and reliability of my system
    Thelifespan of an installation is between 25 and 30 years.
  6. 08.monitoring my live production
    Whether you opt for a SMA or SolarEdge inverter system, you benefit from a tool for controlling and monitoring your installation. An application allows you to view the production of your panels in real time.
  7. 04.possibility of adding a battery
    Today's inverters are compatible with future battery installations.
  8. property increases in value
    With a lifespan of +/- 25 years, photovoltaic installations generate substantial savings that you or future buyers of your property can benefit from.
  9. 05Improving my EPB
    Another point is that the photovoltaic installation has a direct impact on the property's PEB rating, and should therefore increase its value.

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  • Why do we have to install dual-flow meters?
    In Belgium, the issue of dual-flow meters, also known as smart meters, has been the subject of debate and gradual implementation. Here are some of the reasons why the installation of dual-flow meters has been encouraged or implemented in Belgium:
    1. Promoting renewable energies: Belgium, like many other European countries, is encouraging the transition to renewable energies. Dual-flow meters measure the production of electricity from renewable sources such as solar power, helping to support and integrate these sources into the grid.
    2. Consumption management: Dual-flow meters offer greater visibility of how electricity is consumed and generated. This enables authorities to better understand consumption patterns and implement policies to reduce demand at peak times.
    3. Encouraging self-consumption: The installation of dual-flow meters promotes self-consumption, encouraging consumers to use the electricity they produce locally. This may be particularly relevant for households equipped with solar panels.
    4. Advantageous pricing: Certain pricing mechanisms, such as compensation for energy produced and fed into the grid, are easier to implement with dual-flow meters. This can encourage more people to invest in renewable energy installations.
    5. Modernizing the electricity grid: dual-flow meters are an integral part of initiatives to modernize the electricity grid in Belgium. They enable more efficient network management, rapid fault detection and better adaptation to emerging technologies.
    6. Social justice : An argument that is often overlooked, non-owners of solar panels have to contribute more to improving the Walloon electricity grid than owners of solar panels if there is no dual-flow meter. If we don't take into account the actual use of the network thanks to these new meters! Indeed, there is now a prosumer royalty for economic equity.
    It should be noted that the installation of dual-flow meters in Belgium has not been without controversy, and concerns have been raised about privacy, data security and other issues related to smart meter technology. Nevertheless, these meters continue to be deployed as part of efforts to make the Belgian energy system smarter, more sustainable and, above all, fairer to other grid users who have to pay for improvements to the overall power grid even though they don't have solar panels...  
  • Is it worthwhile installing solar thermal panels?
    Yes, installing thermal panels to heat water is always a good idea, because hot water is an energy-intensive resource. If you heat water with gas, you save gas, and if you use electricity, you save electricity. However, thermal panels are positioned differently from photovoltaic panels. They are further inclined and south-facing to maximize heat production, especially during cooler periods. The argument against thermal panels lies in the fact that the current cost of gas is relatively low, which limits the savings made, given that the saving is on an inexpensive resource. What's more, the heat produced cannot be stored as easily as electricity. In terms of energy investment, thermal panels are beneficial, but their economic return can be less attractive. Although financial incentives are available, maintenance of thermal panels is more complex due to pipes containing fluids that require periodic purging. In comparison, photovoltaic panels are simpler, with maintenance limited to the electrical cables. Once installed, photovoltaic panels have a lifespan of around 25 years, with little maintenance required. Rain generally cleans the panels, and the main maintenance consists of replacing the inverter after 10 to 15 years. On less sloping flat roofs, cleaning may be necessary every 3 to 5 years.
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Your installation in 7 steps

  • 01

    One of our experts will contact you to discuss the best solution for your needs and your home. At your request, we'll send you a detailed, no-obligation quotation for your future installation, free of charge.

  • 02

    You're ready to produce your own electricity and invest in photovoltaics! You return the signed quotation to us. We prepare your administrative file and your project can begin.

  • 03

    On payment of the first deposit (20%), we make an appointment with you to carry out a technical inspection. During this visit, all key points (roofing, electricity, building layout) are analyzed in detail to ensure optimal installation. Based on this information, we draw up the final layout diagram for your installation.

  • 04

    It's D-Day! After agreeing a date with you, our technical team will install your photovoltaic system. The project takes 1-2 days to install, depending on the size of your system.

  • 05

    We commission and supervise the electrical acceptance of your installation by an approved inspection body (included in the quote). This is mandatory.

  • 06

    Once the acceptance document is in our hands, we prepare the administrative file for registration of your installation with your GDR (each region has its own Network Manager).

  • 07

    Now you can generate your own electricity!

Stage 04 in 5 points: from securing and preparing the site to electrical installation.

Your App

Keep control of your system at all times with your mobile monitoring application.

  • Track your production in real time
  • Get a global view of your production over the entire life of your plant
  • A production problem? Check your inverter's status information and detect if a problem exists

Your inverter is more than just an electronic component, it's the brain of your installation. It controls your photovoltaic panels in real time to produce maximum energy at all times. Thanks to your mobile app (delivered free of charge with your system), you can keep track of your system's production at all times.

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7 reasons to choose Soltis

  • + More than 15 years' experience
  • Already 6,500 home projects completed
  • Free, no-obligation identification of your needs by our experts
  • A Belgian SME on a human scale, with personal contact from A to Z
  • 10-year warranty on the watertightness of your roof following panel installation
  • Expertise in selecting the best technical solutions
  • Complete management of administrative procedures

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