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What is self-consumption?

Self-consumption is the amount of electricity generated by your panels that you consume directly.  
  • If your self-consumption is 0%, that means you don't consume the electricity your panels produce at all. Everything is redistributed on the network.
  • If your self-consumption is 100%, that means you consume all the electricity your panels produce.
The greater your self-consumption, the lower your prosumer tax in Wallonia (if you have a smart meter). In Brussels and Flanders (from 01/01/21), you'll benefit from a higher increase in the price of your kWh. Indeed, the average purchase price of a kWh is 23 centimes, while the average resale price is closer to 5 centimes. Consuming electricity rather than feeding it back into the grid means you'll earn 4 times as much! A recent article has been written on this subject for maximum understanding:   https://soltis.be/news/comprendre-economies-panneaux-solaires-belgique-2023/