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Solar panels: things are moving in Wallonia and Brussels

Solar panels promise an attractive return on investment for businesses. Not least thanks to green certificates (GCs). But their numbers will soon be falling in both regions...

In Wallonia, 60% fewer green certificates

The Walloon regulator CWaPE has approved a reduction in green certificates from September1, 2020 for photovoltaic installations over 10 kWp. In concrete terms, here's what you're entitled to until the end of August, and what you'll receive per MWh from September1. This represents a reduction of around 60%!

Plant sizeFrom 01/01 to 30/08 2020
(per MWh, over 10 years)
From 01/09/2020
(per MWh, over 10 years)
From 10 to 250 kW51,35 €20,8 €
From 251 to 1000 kW40,95 €16,25 €
Over 1000 kW30,55 €12,35 €

As a result, the return on investment will be slower from next September. If you're thinking of installing solar panels, don't wait!

In Brussels, green certificates down by up to 42%.

Brugel is also planning to review the multiplier coefficients and granting rates for green certificates. The measure will come into force on January1, 2021. Until now, a company received 2.4 green certificates/MWh for any installation above 5kWp. The new granting rates announced would range from 2.1 CV for installations over 6 kWp up to 50 kWp, 1.7 CV up to 100 kWp, 1.6 CV up to 250 kWp and 1.4 CV above that. A reduction of around 42% is therefore expected for installations above 250 kWp, for example. But beware, grant rates could still be lower than these figures... Installing your solar panels before the end of December is therefore more than advisable.

Soltis is the ideal partner for photovoltaic installations. We support you from project design to installation, and even offer a maintenance service for companies. In addition, Soltis offers companies a very attractive third-party investment solution to finance their installation. It won't cost you a thing!

Photovoltaic panels for private customers

17% fewer green certificates in Brussels

Private individuals are also affected by Brugel's measure. Today, they receive 3 green certificates per MWh produced. From January1, 2021, this number will be reduced to 2.5 for new installations below 6 kWp. That's a 17% reduction. If you install your solar panels by December 31, 2020 at the latest, you will not be affected by this measure, as the number of green certificates will not decrease during the 10 years to which you are entitled. In short, don't wait any longer!

Good to know: several Brussels municipalities still offer incentives for photovoltaic installations.

What about CVs in Wallonia?

In Wallonia, owners of solar panels have not received green certificates for several years now. Despite this, a photovoltaic system is still very profitable. The return on investment is 7 years, even taking into account the prosumer tariff that comes into effect on October1, 2020.

Soltis also helps private individuals install their own solar panels. Ask us for a quote!

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