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The 4 advantages of choosing natural insulation

Insulation is essential to improve the energy performance of a home or business. A poorly insulated roof means 30% wasted heating. Walls, 25%. So insulating not only saves money, it's also sustainable. Especially if you choose natural insulation...

What is natural insulation?

Natural insulants are made from plant materials (hemp, wood fiber, etc.), animal materials (sheep's wool, duck feathers, etc.), mineral materials(clay, etc.) or recycled materials (cellulose made from recycled newsprint, etc.). They therefore contribute to environmentally-friendly insulation. They can be used anywhere: roofs, interior or exterior walls, attics, etc.

Why choose natural insulation?

Insulating your home or business can help you improve your carbon footprint. Choosing natural materials also offers other advantages...

1. Natural insulation = a more breathable building

Not only does ecological insulation offer excellent thermal performance (thanks to greater material density), it also prevents air from passing from the outside to the inside and vice versa, while allowing the building to breathe through membranes that are open to diffusion (the Gore-Tex® principle). This means up to 15% more energy efficiency!

2. Natural insulation = premiums

There are several grants available for insulation work in the 3 regions. But in some cases, you can benefit from a higher premium by choosing natural insulation. The Soltis experts will help you to obtain them.

3. Natural insulation = low ecological footprint

From extraction to recycling, processing, packaging and transport, the environmental impact of natural insulation is lower than that of conventional insulation. Every step of the way.

4. Natural insulation = harmless to health

Because they contain fewer chemical elements, natural insulants don't require any special precautions during installation. They also cause fewer allergies.

At Soltis, we prefer natural insulation for all these reasons. Economy, performance, comfort and durability are our guarantees. We also offer high-performance insulation techniques (sarkling, natural insulation for flat roofs, green roofs).

Contact us for an insulation audit of your home or business!

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